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  • Luggage room
  • Good location
  • Free Wi-Fi in the rooms

The Planeta Hotel PLC, Minsk

The Planeta Hotel Hotel Complex has been one of the leaders in hospitality industry of the Republic of Belarus for more then 30 years.
Our friendly, attentive and professional staff will provide their assistance in solving any problems connected with stay at a hotel in the city as well as throughout the Republic.

About the Planeta

Standard single
Standard single

A small cozy single room designed in warm beige and gold colors will give you a sense of true comfort.

from 45 USD

Standard double
Standard double

Comfortable double Business standard rooms combining modern interior design and supreme comfort.

from 54 USD

Standard twin
Standard twin

This elegant classic room designed in the best European hotel traditions successfully comprises homey atmosphere and simple clean business interior.

from 54 USD

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Room Booking Service
Telephone: +375 (17) 226-78-53
Fax: +375 (17) 226-77-80
Telephone: +375 (29) 187-47-87
Telephone: +375 (33) 660-42-96


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The Planeta Hotel, 220126,
Republic of Belarus, Minsk,
31/1 Pobediteley Ave